20 Reasons to be seen in

Paw Pages

20 Reasons to Advertise

  1. 100% Exclusive Target Market – Pet Parents – No wasted distribution!
  2. 20,000 copies delivered throughout Jupiter/Palm Beaches!  No mailing to households!
  3. Free copies given to new Pet Parents adopting at Shelters & Rescues!
  4. Free copies at local pet events, fund-raisers and community gatherings!
  5. Free copies available at local Jupiter/Palm Beach Pet Business’ – where Pet Parents go!
  6. Attract new customers - Untapped Local Market!
  7. Print Ad is duplicated FREE on-line at www.PawPagesMag.com
  8. Spotlight your Pet business in both Print and Digital!
  9. Deliver your message directly to Pet Parents!
  10. Paw Pages will make a positive impact on your business!
  11. Pet Parents will spread the word to other Pet Parents!
  12. Pet Parents need and want to know about your Pet business
  13. Pet Parents will keep and re-use Paw Pages
  14. Organized in (easy to use) Pet Needs categories
  15. Pet Parents will no longer spend hours searching for a local Pet business
  16. Packed with entertaining and informative Pet articles
  17. Printed in handy 5.5” x 8.5” size – easily fits anywhere

Plus a Free Digital web AD

  • In addition to 20,000 copies, you also receive a Free Digital Ad (300px x 400px)
  • Pick the Pet Category of your choice. Includes a link to your web site!
  • Free Graphics Design included!


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