Animal Abuse/Law

BEWARE! Animal Abusers

Gov. Rick Scott is being called the “Animal Lovers” governor.  Gov. Scott signed a new animal abuse bill named Ponce’s Law aimed at increasing penalties for animal abusers. Last year a Labrador retriever puppy was found beaten to death in Ponce Inlet and the community was outraged. That outrage created Ponce’s Law and now raises federal animal cruelty from a level 3 to a level 5 offense and makes it more likely an offender would go to prison. It also gives judges the option to prohibit abusers from owning another animal. Enforcing court orders will take community involvement!  If you spot animal abuse call authorities immediately. The worst thing you can do is nothing. Animals can’t speak up for themselves, and they depend on animal lovers everywhere to be their voice. You could be the only person who notices or cares. Don’t leave it to someone else, make a difference, say something. Your involvement may be the animal’s only hope.

Animal Law

"Animal Law was created to give animals a voice."

Animal Law was created to give animals a voice. Animal Law includes any type of legal action, whether it be transactional or litigation that effects the rights, standing and/or welfare of an animal.  It is a new area of the law where pro-animal cases and statutory law exists to protect the welfare of animals.

Animal Law varies widely from issues involving wrongful deaths, custody disputes, protecting animals against cruelty and negligence towards animals.  Animal law includes wildlife, animals used in entertainment, and housing disputes involving “no pet” policies and discrimination laws. Animal Law also represents vegan animal rights activists, medical malpractice, vicious dog hearings, and product liability against companies that kill animals due to the use of their product. Animal Law also covers transactional issues such as drafting estates and trusts.

You can make a difference in the suffering of animals by refusing to purchase products or investing in companies that test and/or torture animals.   We also believe that animals should be adopted as a companion and not purchased as a commodity or status symbol.  Adopt from shelters!  The needless over population of animals and the unnecessary euthanasia of millions needs to stop.  Please visit our local shelters and rescues when you are seeking a companion animal in the future.

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