Boutiques & Specialty Stores

It’s no secret that we love
to spoil our pets!

Admit it - we all have that well-worn and ragged item in our closet that is our go-to piece for the weekend or just a plain warm and fuzzy feeling. Just the sight, scent and feel of that special item and you know everything will turn out alright. Your furry family member is no different. Fur instance, Charlie, pictured here, reverts to a totally different personality when he becomes Spider-Dog. Your pet has that "special" place to sleep, a "particular" toy, or, the "one and only" blanket they have gathered as their own possession. Give them that something special and support our local specialty stores & boutiques before shopping elsewhere.  You’ll find many unique and fun products for both dogs & cats to spoil them beyond imagination.  Designer & Sports Apparel, Accessories, Beds, Collars & Leashes, Costumes. Furniture, Handicap needs, Safety-Conscious items, Strollers, Life Vests, Toys and Travel Carriers are some unique items available locally.

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