Their independence and aloof attitude are the qualities that make us love them and envy them.

Of course, we are talking about felines, or, the common cat. Maybe "common" is a term used too freely as there are over 50 recognized breeds of cats. The common house cat, however, is probably the lowest maintenance ball of fur with which you can share your life. They are the perfect furever friend for a small living space, or an apartment and fit well into a busy lifestyle. They require little exercise initiated by yourself and are genetically housebroken to a small box of litter. Give one of them a home and they will reward you with companionship, loving cheek rubs and a motor boat purr to lull you to sleep at night. Visit our local shelters, ask questions about their care and well-being, sit in the cat room for a few minutes and let one or maybe even two steal your heart.