Doggie Dining Etiquette

There are so many wonderful restaurants that welcome your well-behaved fur-child! Follow our doggie dining etiquette tips and enjoy some of the area’s finest restaurants!

Before You Leave the House

  • Go before your outing
  • Give them a meal to curve begging
  • Bring plenty of pickup bags, plus their leash and doggie bowl
  • Bring their favorite food puzzle, toy or chew that is quiet

While at the Restaurant

  • ALWAYS pickup after your dog. Remember to bring pickup bags!
  • NEVER leave them unattended. If you need to step away, leave someone trustworthy in charge.
  • Keep your fur-child away from other people; especially children and older adults.
  • Leash your fur-child and don’t leave the leash lying where someone could trip
  • SECURE the leash to your chair...NOT a table to prevent spilled drinks or food.
  • Eating or drinking out of restaurant dishware is NEVER PERMITTED!
  • Don’t let them wonder around looking cute begging for attention or food.
  • Keep them out-of-the walking aisles at all time.
  • Keep them off the tables and chairs.
  • Please TIP WELL, if a kind gesture was given to your fur-child.
  • And most importantly, ENJOY your time together.

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