Doggie Training

Dog Training comes in many different forms: Obedience, Manners, Agility, Puppy Classes, Basic Commands, K-9, Search & Rescue, Drug & Bomb detection, and Personal property protection among others. Whether its basic to advanced, housebreaking, behavioral problems, pulling the leash, barking, separation anxiety, jumping or begging; our local trainers are standing by to help you and your dog in all levels of training. With love, guidance, praise and reward; your dog will be an honor student! Training your dog should be fun and rewarding for you, your dog and the family!

Training your dog can start at any age and will help you and your dog to bond, stay safe, and respect each other. Dogs are not born into this world with a manual.  They don’t understand what’s safe versus unsafe. It’s your job as a “pet parent” to make sure they know these commands.

TOP 4 Commands That Could
Save Your “Best Friends” Life

Not only should every dog know these commands, but dogs
should be trained to perform them anywhere, anytime!

COME – Having your dog come the “first time” he is called can save his life. Dogs are enjoying the world around them, but they can easily wander into dangerous or deadly situations.  Training your dog to immediately “come” when called will reduce the dangers of a situation. If your dog pulls out of his collar or dashes out the door, start working on this command immediately.

STAY – The “Stay” command is vital to your dog’s safety. If an aggressive dog approaches or if you’re on a busy road, this command will make sure that your dog “stays-put” and doesn’t move a muscle. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation but calling him could make the situation more dangerous like: you’re on one side of the street and he is on the other, the “STAY” command will keep him safe until you can get to him.

LEAVE IT – This command will tell your dog to “leave it” alone immediately - Do not use his paws! If there’s wires, garbage or a dirty puddle of something, no dog should put in its mouth; the “Leave It” command is perfect.

DROP IT – A dog that really understands “Drop It” will let go of the item immediately.  A dangerous, poisonous household item or prescription pill bottle could be deadly to your best friend.  Unless he is taught to “Drop It” you may be chasing him around or worse; he could swallow the item.

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