Professional Dog Walkers

Professional dog walkers come when you want them or on-a-daily, weekly or monthly schedule. They can give fresh water, food, play-time, and special attention to any needs or medications. If you’re working late, need to go out-of-town, have an illness or recovering from surgery; our professional dog walkers are there to ease your mind, and give exceptional care to your fur-child.

Questions to ask your dog walker

  1. Experienced? A dog walker should have experience with dogs of all sizes, ages, and temperament.
  2. References? References are vital information – Take advantage of them.
  3. Are you insured? A professional dog walker will always have insurance
  4. Do you have a backup in case you’re unable to walk my dog?
  5. Where will you walk my dog?
  6. How long are the walks?
  7. How many dogs do you walk at one-time?
  8. Will it be only you who walks my dog?
  9. Do you have special training such as: CPR, choking?

List to give dog walkers

  1. Your contact number and optional number, in case you can’t be reached
  2. Veterinarian’s phone number, address, and directions.
  3. Location of: Collar, leash, treats, play toys, doggie bags or other necessities
  4. Allergy information
  5. Feeding times and amounts
  6. Special medications or needs
  7. Security code or key
  8. Microchip Information
  9. List of updated Vaccinations
  10. Behaviors (excessive barking, getting into trash or chewing on shoes)
  11. Other people in or around the home (housekeeper, lawn care, relatives)
  12. Leave a special note for your dog walker, and they can leave one for you, so you are aware of any issues that might arise.

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