Look back at our struggle for freedom, trace our present day's strength to its source; you'll find that man's journey to the industrial revolution has been either behind or on the back of the horse. No other animal has contributed more to the welfare and civilization of humankind!

The equine family has been bred into a myriad of shapes, colors and sizes for the service, companionship and enjoyment of humans. They have, many times over, earned and deserve no less than our respect, honor, love, loyalty, and utmost care.

I know many of us dreamed of having a horse growing up and still do!  A horse is not your average pet and requires a tremendous amount of care and knowledge, in order, to survive and thrive.  Just as with any animal, they need food, water, medication, hoof tools & care, brushes, boarding stable, hay, grains, grass, and someone to care for them in your absence.  Ideally, they need an acre or more of space to run, and shelter from the hot Florida sun and wind.

Horses require lots of brushing and clean hoofs; at all time, or you will be making “extra calls” to your veterinarian.   Horses get lonely, just like people, and need exercise, companionship and play time.  Why not volunteer at a local horse rescue or stable before making a final decision to care for these beautiful creatures.