Mobile Salons

Pamper You & Your Pet

Mobile Salons bring a highly organized, self-contained, sterilized, professional approach to pet grooming for dogs and cats. Professional groomers come to your pets’ location. Simply pick the day & time that’s convenient for you. Equipped with hot & cold water for comfortable temperature bathing, electricity, hydraulic grooming tables, vacuums, air-conditioning, sound systems and high-quality shampoos & conditioners. After bathing, clipping, drying or any additional services requested; your pet will be clean, happy and of course looking and feeling great. We all love a little pampering and your pet will love it too!

  • No Carsickness
  • Less Stress on your Pet
  • Cage Free Environment
  • Convenient and Time Saving
  • No transporting your dirty little one in your own vehicle
  • No other animals or people to distract their attention
  • No exposure to other animals
  • No kennel environment
  • No more dropping & picking up
  • Full one-on-one attention
  • Perfect for older/disabled pets
  • Perfect for the pet parent with a bad back

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