Pet Sitters

In-Home Pet Sitting

We've all had that sitter we absolutely adored. The sitter who caused us to shove our head behind the window curtain excited for their arrival, and who let us stay up way beyond our bed time dunking Oreos in a glass of milk. In-Home Pet Sitting is a great option with a sitter that meets those same criteria for your pet; especially if they experience separation anxiety or physical stress when placed in a kennel or boarding facility. Your pet will maintain their normal routine of being fed, given fresh water, exercised, administered medicine, and given play & cuddle time in the safety and comfort of their own home. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing their daily routine is not interrupted.  In-Home Care is available for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, turtles, and fish.


  1. What is your experience?
  2. References? References are vital information – Take advantage of them.
  3. Are you insured? A professional pet sitter will always have insurance.
  4. What qualifications do you have? A pet sitter may have veterinary experience or skills to administer medications or have experience with behavior issues.
  5. What services are included in the price? List your pet’s needs to determine a good match.
  6. Will you be the only-one caring for my pet? If not, meet the other sitter(s) for your approval.
  7. What is your emergency protocol? If you want the pet-sitter to take them to your vet in case of an emergency, make sure the pet-sitter understands your wishes.
  8. Will you come to my home alone and with or without any other pets?
  9. How and when can I expect a daily update on my pet? This will help relieve a lot of anxiety.
  10. Do you have special training such as: CPR, Choking or Vet Assistant training?
  11. Will you be coming and going or staying at my home?
  12. How often and for how long will you exercise my pet?
  13. How often will you change the litter box?
  14. If you don’t want your pet to leave the home or ride in the sitter’s car; say so.
  15. Be clear the pet-sitter understands the care you expect.


  1. Location of: Collar, leash, treats, brush, play toys, doggie bags, litter box, etc.
  2. Your contact number(s), and optional number(s), if you can’t be reached.
  3. Veterinarian’s phone number, address and directions.
  4. Allergy information.
  5. Feeding times and amounts.
  6. Special medications or needs.
  7. Security Code or Key.
  8. Microchip information.
  9. List of updated Vaccinations.
  10. Behavior issues: Excessive barking, chewing on furniture or shoes, getting into trash.
  11. Other people who maybe in or around the house (housekeeper, lawn care).
  12. Other issues of which the pet-sitter needs to be aware.

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