A Pampered Pet is a Healthy, Happy Pet

Do you feel better after taking a shower? What if you only showered once a month? Throw in a few fleas, a good roll in the dirt and a couple of hair mats. How do you feel now? That’s what we thought! You would be a verifiable, smelly-mess! For us humans, a good hair, skin and nail treatment makes us all feel a whole lot better and puts a spring in our step. Your pet is no different. In fact, it’s important to the health of both dogs and cats. Matting can cause serious skin infections and affect your pet’s ability to see, walk, and eat normally. Long claws or nails can cause the bone structure of the leg to become deformed, while ear wax and debris is the foundation for an infection. Bring your pet to one of our superb Spas or wonderful Groomers, or even better, they will come to you. Services include: Bathing, conditioning, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, nail trimming, anal express, tear stain removal and flea baths. Services come complete with cologne, bows and bandanas. It’s no longer a back-breaking chore. It’s convenient and easy! Call one of our local Spas or Groomers today. You will enjoy a fresh and clean family member and your pet will appreciate the attention.

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